Wildlife Watching and Photo-graphing

Wild Taiga area has a great expanse of untouched wilderness, which offers exceptional wildlife watching and photography. Under the guidance of a wilderness guide it is one of the best areas in Europe for seeing and photographing the rare large carnivores in their natural habitat.

As the different species of animal all have different habits according the time of the day and seasons, it is essential for these programmes to be run by experienced wilderness guides. This gives visitors the best chance to see the wild animals. Most animals can be watched from hides or small basic cabins so as not to disturb them. You can even stay overnight. The summer midnight sun makes the wildlife watching available for 24 hours.

Also in the winter, especially in February-March, there is plenty to see and experience in the snowy forests and on the frozen lakes of Wild Taiga. Wildlife and nature photography trips are made in the winter, as well, even though the busiest season is when the ground is unfrozen. The hard, carrying snow is nice to ski or snow shoe walk on, and the busier can take snow mobiles to the wintry sights and the wildlife. The wintry nature with its trees under snow loads and blue moments of dusk create magnificent surroundings for photography.

There are tours available, which combine photography of wolves, wolverines, eagles and winter landscapes like Oulanka and Riisitunturi National Parks with magnificent frozen canyon sceneries.  If the weather allows, the Northern Lights are the highlight of the tour. 

A special hide, side aside for keen photographers, is a safe place to watch the wildlife up close while they eat and play by carcasses which have been laid out for them. Large windows give clear viewing, even at dusk. There are specially adapted camera holes in the walls and some hides are fitted with microphones so you can to hear and learn to identify specific species. Full-service photography packages include guides, accommodation and meals. For the professional photographer there are smaller hides in more challenging conditions!

Altogether this is an unforgettable holiday experience in the ´world of Wild Taiga´.








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