Kuhmo Chamber Music

Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival is undoubtedly the most famous event in Kainuu summer. Started in 1970 it has grown into one of the largest music festivals in Finland. Thousands of music lovers from all over the world come to listen to the festival’s sweet summery notes every year. In addition to Kuhmo Arts Centre, concerts are organized at schools and in local churches alike.

Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival introduces a new theme with new composers and concerts each summer. Some performers are invited year after year to perform in front of the demanding chamber music audience, but each year the festival organization aims to introduce new, young promising performers as well as experienced artists that have shown their talents on bigger stages.

This extraordinary event is thoroughly dedicated to the music, which is characterised by one absolute requirement: it must be of the highest standard. Perhaps this is the ultimate source of the now famous "spirit of Kuhmo". But we should certainly not overlook the relaxed atmosphere of the Kuhmo Chamber Music: no spurious decorum prevents the audience from enjoying the concerts in the Kuhmo Arts Centre right after a refreshing swim at the neighbouring lakeside.

The Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival is a time of harmonious interaction for acoustic music, silence and scenic beauty. The Artistic Director of the Festival is viola player composer Vladimir Mendelssohn.


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Kuhmo Chamber Music

Finnish Festival Experience – Music and wilderness

Price / person

1009 €

Kuhmo Chamber Music 2017

Kuhmo Chamber Music

The Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival will run for the 48th time from 9 to 22 July, 2017.

Price / person

8 €

Culture and Music

Äksyt Ämmät

Culture and music trip to Eastern Finland. The Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, the Valamo Monastery and the four guesthouses in the region Pielinen-Karelia cooperate in an extraordinary way and invite you to a round trip in Eastern Finland.

Price / person

385 €