Summer Activities


The beautiful and tranquil Kuhmo-Suomussalmi area is abundant with interesting waterways. The rivers, like River Jongunjoki or lakes and small rapids offer dozens of kilometres of varying canoeing routes for both the beginners and the experienced. Hossa especially has wonderful choices for trips on water. Visitor Centres and activity companies offer rental rowing boats, canoes and kayaks.


Rent a bicycle and a map and get yourself acquainted with the area on your own. Or you can take part in a guided cycling trip. The guided trips take the cyclists along the well-maintained roads, from the forest hills to the shores of the lakes. The changing scenery offers unforgettable experiences.


Wild Taiga fulfils every fishermans dreams. The region has dozens of different kinds of waters, where trout, stocked salmon, whitefish, grayling, pike and large perch can be caught. You can fish from the shore or on a boat using several different methods. In the winter you can fish ice holes. The fishing sites have well-maintained amenities, such as lean-to shelters, paths and signs.

Often the closest fishing opportunities are located within a walking distance from your accommodation, but the best sites are in the wilderness, by a foaming rapid or a clear forest pond. The choice is yours!
The most popular rapids in the River Pajakka for fishing in Kuhmo are Lentua and Niva near the centre of Kuhmo which can be fished all year round. In the northern part of the area the fishing areas in Hossa are recommended. These are carefully controlled to ensure plenty of fish for the future.


The region offers great possibilities for hiking, and there are hundreds of kilometres of marked hiking trails on offer. All levels of fitness and age can be catered for from easy treks to forest trails to challenging narrow paths on the hills. Most trails have planks in the more moist parts. Some trails are accessible by wheelchair.

The week long hiking treks in beautiful surroundings familiarize the visitors with the needs of hiking in the wilderness. There are different kinds of routes, in different kinds of terrain, in nature preservation areas for example, showing the nature and rich fauna of Finland at its best. During the trips you will mostly move by hiking, but one day it is canoeing! You only need to carry what you need during the day, all other luggage is transported to your accommodation.

You can combine traditional hiking with the love of dogs. In guided husky trekking your companion is a four legged friend, tied with a leash on a special belt around your waist. On a guided safari you can safely enjoy the magic of wilderness even if you are not used to dogs. The lengths of the treks vary from a few hours to a week-long tour.

The sport of Nordic Walking started in Finland. It is an even more efficient form of exercise than hiking. The trekking and hiking trails can be explored on your own or with a guide. The guided treks start with instruction on the technique. The equipment can be rented at your accommodation.


The Wild Taiga region, is situated in Finland, in the north-eastern corner of the European Union in the depths of the northern pine forests. The most impressive of the wild game here are elk and capercaillie. Due to the vast areas of forest a method of hunting quite unique in the world has evolved, the use of a barking dog. Hunting is a tradional wilderness activity like fishing amonf the locals, and a small amount of travellers are also participating the hunting with the locals.

The attraction of the hunt is based on the chance encounter of the hunter and his dog with the game in the wilderness and offers the hunter a challenging experience.

Game bird hunting
In the Northern forests the use of a Spitz for barking at the game-bird is an ancient tradition. Even today the game-bird population in the area is quite stable and can be hunted selectively. When the dog sees or scents the capercaillie it barks, casting its spell over the bird which, if it is not already perched on a branch of a tree, the dog will raise from the ground. The Spitz tries to keep the bird there, pointing out its location until the hunter is in position. Flocks of black grouse which have alighted on trees edging the marshes can also be hunted by stalking or by lying in wait at day break. These methods of hunting demand a high standard of both skill and sporting etiquette.

In Finland the right to hunt is based on land ownership but in fact takes place under the auspices of local village based hunting clubs. The clubs around the Kainuu region have expert guides for those wanting an introduction to the secrets of this authentic hunting culture. They have on hand working dogs which have grown-up in the demanding conditions of the far north.

Accommodation to suit every taste
Our hunting trips offer a comprehensive service which includes accommodation of your choice in either city hotels, very good holiday flats or modestly equipped hunting lodges. Regardless of the type of accommodation, a hot Finnish sauna and hearty meals lovingly prepared from pure local ingredients await you after a long and challenging days hunt Kainuu style.

The thrill of the elk hunt
Finnish elk hunting is carried out by a group of hunters to whom the importance of a dog is crucial. The dog senses the elk in the forest and starts barking animatedly - allowing the hunter to locate the game and close in on it. After some tense and skilful stalking, the hunter can bring down the standing elk from close range with a well-aimed shot.

Should the elk take flight at the dogs barking, other hunters are at their posts awaiting their chance. Shooting an elk to the bark of a dog is a thrilling experience, even for the experienced hunter. Elk hunting can, of course, be arranged as a drive.


You can combine traditional hiking with the love of dogs. In guided husky trekking your companion is a four legged friend, tied with a leash on a special belt around your waist. On a guided safari you can safely enjoy the magic of wilderness even if you are not used to dogs. The lengths of the treks vary from a few hours to day tours.

In summer you also have an opportunity to experience dog sledding! In winter huskies pull sledges but in summer a sledge is replaced by a “Husky Mercedes”, a specially adapted cart on wheels pulled by ten huskies.

Adults can try driving the cart themselves around the circuit, children will sit safely in the carriage. In summer you can also try a ride on a husky scooter which is a kind of bike pulled by two huskies.

For the truly husky mad, we offer a tailored week at a husky farm, during which you can participate in the daily care, training and programme of the dogs to your heart's content.


The region also offers great possibilities for multiactivity programmes during the summer time. Programmes combine different summer activities like canoeing, hiking etc.


The Wild Taiga area’s forests and mires offer outstanding possibilities for mushroom and berry picking. The spectrum of natural berries is broad. The first, generally appearing in mid-July, is the cloudberry, a speciality of the north ripening in mires. Later in the summer, the harvest includes blueberries, raspberries, bog bilberries and crowberries. Lingonberries and cranberries ripen further into the autumn.

Of the edible wild mushrooms growing in the area, the most common are false morels, various boletes, russulas, milk-caps, and sheep polypores.

Besides being an adventure for the senses, a hike through the varied terrain amidst unspoiled nature is also the best possible exercise. The berries nurtured by the midnight sun are also healthy, and can be eaten just as they are when you find them.

The Wild Taiga area features accommodations conveniently close to mushroom and berry picking locations. If you prefer, you can also hire an expert guide who knows the area for your forest trip. We particularly recommend the presence of a guide on mushroom picking expeditions to ensure that the harvest includes only edible mushrooms.

Summer specialities

Try something new! Thanks to the region's unique nature and our professional events and service providers, we have something new and exciting for everyone to try, such as swimming in the flowing rapids of a river. Rowing a traditional church boat is a great team activity, and geocaching is fun for everyone. Gathering wild berries, mushrooms and herbs is enjoyable and useful at the same time.
Those who are looking for a bit more of a challenge can try a Wild Taiga-style triathlon - run, bike and canoe in nature - or our unique open water swimming challenge in the pristine natural lakes.

Rapid swimmingFloating in a rapid is exiting! With the help of professional guides and state-of-the-art equipment this unique adventure can be experienced safely. The thick rescue suits used during the swim will keep you warm and dry. Rapid swimming can also be tried in the winter. After the adventure you will receive a diploma.

GeocachingKuhmo and Suomussalmi's varied terrains are ideal for geocaching, and at the moment they are holding almost 50 geocaches by waterways, on high grounds and near town centres. Some of the geocaches are easy to reach by wheelchair, and some can even be found in the winter season, after the snow cover has come to stay. You may look for caches by car or by bike - there is no better way to look around the area and see its sights! Read more information about geocache locations by town online at or at the international site

Church boat rowingAll aboard! In a traditional church boat, which was used to make the long journey across the water to church, the whole team is literally 'in the same boat'. This is an ideal activity for motivational days and is easy to combine with brown bear viewing.

Wild Triathlon & swimmingAre you looking for a challenge? If active exercising is part of your life, maybe you'd like to try a Wild Taiga triathlon: run, bike and canoe in Hossa's woodland recreation area using paths, roads and waterways. Or how about covering some distance by swimming? Our unique open water swimming challenge in pristine natural lakes is ideal for active swimmers.