Tourist information

Tourist information

Local tourist offices serve the tourist in Kuhmo and Suomussalmi regions. You can get information about accommodation and programmes as well as local attractions and events.

Suomussalmi Tourist Office
Jalonkaarre 5, Post Box 110
Tel. +358 8 615 555 45

Kuhmo information points
Several information points with brochures and maps can be found throughout the City of Kuhmo:
The Shell and Neste petrol stations, the Sommelo Folk Music Festival office, the Kuhmo book store, Hotel Kainuu, Matka-Kyllönen Oy, the Neljä Kaesaa Restaurant, Kesport, Pääkkönen & Piirainen Oy, Libraries, the Juminkeko Information Centre, Hotel Kalevala in Kalevalankangas and the Petola Visitor Centre.

The Petola Visitor Centre also provides information on outdoor treks and recreation and, along with Pääkkönen & Piirainen Oy, fishing and hunting information and permits.

General information about Finland you will find at Visit Finland's web site.