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Kuutamo Guesthouse

Kuutamo B & B provides accommodation at the Kuutamo Inn located right in the centre of Suomussalmi, close to all the local shops and services.
Beds for 20 persons. A home-cooked dinner is available for groups on prior booking.

Kainuun Kuutamokeikat
Kiannonkatu 6
FI-89600 Suomussalmi
+358 (0)8 710 751, +358 (0)50 362 0609



Kuutamo Guesthouse

Unique and local products in Suomussalmi center. Ceramics, knittings, wood work, birch bark products etc. Vitamines from berry and nettle products. Reineer and sheep furs and also other products from Finnish sheep. Suomussalmi and The Silent People products!