The beautiful and tranquil Kuhmo-Suomussalmi area is abundant with interesting waterways. The rivers, like River Jongunjoki or lakes and small rapids offer dozens of kilometres of varying canoeing routes for both the beginners and the experienced. Hossa especially has wonderful choices for trips on water; destination can be rock paintings from the Stone Age, for example.

The Visitor Centres and programme providing companies offer rental row boats, canoes and kayaks.


Canoeing on the lake Jokijärvi

Saija Lodge

Come and enjoy a summer day on the lake! You will make a lake round trip of ca. 3 hours and see some historical places. The tour includes a break on one of the islands of Jokijärvi. There your guide will prepare a traditional "black-pot" coffee on an open fire for you.

Price / person

51 €

Kayaking trip to Julma Ölkky canyon

Hikes n Trails

Finland is called the land of the thousands of lakes. This trip shows you the one extraordinary lake in Finland. I have planned a very interesting short kayaking trip for you in the mighty canyon lake called Julma Ölkky. You will see and hear also amazing tales of ancient rock painters and their beliefs about the powers of the nature, life, death and the afterworld.

Price / person

95 €

Kayaking courses

Hikes n Trails

Hikes`n Trails organizes tours and training sessions for groups and individuals. For example a two-day educational canoe trip with single kayak or open canoe at the big wilderness lakes in Suomussalmi.

Price / person

290 €

A self guided canoeing tour on Tar - route


This water route was already used by hundreds of tar rowers, when they transported tar by boats a century ago to be sold in Oulu, from where it was transported further for the use of English and German merchant fleets.

Price / person

75 €

Canoeing and wilderness cabin holiday


Two weeks self guided holiday Eastern Finland. First week You paddle on our peaceful lakes or rivers and the second half of your trip gives you time to enjoy the peace and quiet of the taiga forest at your leisur at lakeside cottage.

Price / person

245 €

Finnish Bears & Rivers

Norwide Finland - Hossan Lomakeskus

This program is a real invitation to discover Lapland nature. Along the Russian border and the Arctic Circle, you fully become aware of the immensity of the taiga, the multitude of lakes, and the variety of Arctic landscapes.

Price / person

1190 €

Hossa national park canoeing week


A self-guided 8-day canoeing tour in Hossa national park.

Price / person

280 €