Snowy hills and forests can be conquered by snow shoes as well as skis. You can walk slowly, enjoying the magnificent scenery or briskly, making the most out of the exercise.

Duration of snow shoeing treks vary from 1-2 hour trips to a week long tour in a wilderness.


Basics of snowshoeing

Hotel Kalevala

Guided snowshoe tour on Kalevala canvas and nearby islands.

Price / person

15 €

Snowshoe tours

Hotel Kalevala

Guided snowshoe tours in taiga forest and on frozen lake

Price / person

42 €

Snowshoe excursion in Hossa

Hikes n Trails

Hossa is a winter activity heaven! Varied terrain seems to be made for short skiing and snow shoeing excursions. Safe tour with a local guide in Hossa is something you should have on your holiday in Finland.

Price / person

95 €

Off the trails -snowshoeing


Join a guided snowshoeing tour through snow-white forests, over frozen lakes and along ridges in new Hossa national park. Enjoy picnics around an open fire and nights at basic but comfy wilderness cabins. Guaranteed departures in January-March.

Price / person

900 €