Wilderness Week hosted by Huskies – Spring / Summer

A week for spending time with huskies, exploring the nature, or just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quietness. The choice is Yours, as You are the only guests at this small husky farm.

Programme Information
Season: 16th May - 4th July 2014, 15th May - 3rd July 2015
Place: Kuhmo
Duration: 7 days
Persons: 2-4 (5)
Price: In a group / family first 2 adults 1 200 Eur, next persons 600 Eur
Package price per person: 1 200 Eur (600 Eur)
Price includes: Accommodation with full board, guided program for the whole week, airport transfers from/to Kajaani or Kuopio
Price excludes: Flights, personal travel insurance
Supplements: Special diets (vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, glutein-free) available when informed in advance. Husky weeks available also starting 25th July until 12th September 2014.


Further information and reservations:

Routa Travel
Jyrkäntie 936
FI-88900  KUHMO
+358 44 2613 389


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Wilderness Week hosted by Huskies – Spring / Summer

This farm of about 20 dogs is located on a lakeshore and surrounded by taiga forests. It offers a great opportunity to experience the wilderness lifestyle: hiking in the nature, canoeing or rowing on a lake, fishing, picking berries, mushrooms & herbs, cooking, chopping firewood and heating up sauna etc. You can also take part in daily tasks with huskies and to go hiking with them. Below an example of the itinerary which can also be tailored during Your stay.

Day 1: Arriving in Kajaani or Kuopio airport. Transfer to the wilderness cabin. Getting familiar with the dogs and the surroundings. Dinner.

Day 2: Hiking tour to peat bogs. In springtime peat bogs are full of life. Migrating birds are coming to spend the summer in the area, offering a great show singing and dancing day and night. In springtime it is possible to pick cranberries from the last year. Cold winter only makes these delicious but sour berries sweeter. You may also try to catch some fish from small ponds.  As every evening you will have the chance to enjoy the great combination of traditional Finnish sauna and dipping into refreshing lake water.

Day 3: A day for fishing. We may set the nets on the lake the evening before and start the day by rowing on the lake and checking what has swum on the nets. We can also fish with other passive traps and try angling and fishing with rod and reel. The most common catch on our lake is pike (esox lucius) and perch (perca fluviatilis). The fish that we manage to catch will be prepared for dinner. Nothing gets wasted as the dogs also enjoy eating freshly caught fish!

Day 4: Late spring is the time to collect one of the most wanted delicacies on our nature; false morels. These delicious mushrooms pop out from the sand when the ground gets warm enough. If we miss the mushroom season there are many other things to collect: herbs for herbal tea or aromatic pot-pourris, young plants for fresh salad and spruce shoots for syrup.

Day 5: Another day to spend on the lake. For the start we will study the basic canoeing techniques. Then it is time for a small canoeing tour, starting right from our cabin shore. On the way we can study beaver life on a small river. Lunch & coffee will be enjoyed by the open fire.

Day 6: Hiking tour to a nature protection area. If you wish, we can take some of the eager huskies with us and hike with them. This so called husky trekking is a good workout. Each one has an “own” husky, a special belt and a shock-absorbing leash. Huskies are very eager to pull and your job is to follow and slow down on the tricky parts. Afterwards you will feel the hiking in your muscles – no need for a gym! Having the dogs with also helps us to see, smell and hear better what is out there in the nature. Lunch by the fire, some sausages for the dogs as well.

Day 7: Departure from Kajaani or Kuopio airport.